I am Ewa Ullman, your Silver Tailor.

Just like a tailor who measures, cuts and arranges clothes to suit and enhance the body, I want to create jewellery to express your personal memories, character and style.

These silver pieces will not only flatter you and look eye-catching, but most importantly, they will have a unique personal meaning and a story to tell.

I can turn your memories into a range of different jewellery pieces: a custom ring made for you or your loved ones, unusual cufflinks with your family's emblem, a pendant to fit your personality, a bracelet to remind you of a fun holiday, earrings to match your favourite handbag, or even a silver detail to embellish a piece of furniture you cherish.

Tell me your story and I will tailor something especially for You.

More about me: I’ve studied and worked in design and architecture, both in design practices and as a lecturer of spatial design at the University of Arts London. I first discovered silversmithing seven years ago, and now I want to do what I love most: design and make unique jewellery pieces.

Making silver jewellery I experience that elusive yet addictive and joyful ‘creative flow’. Based in my studio-workshop, I design and carefully hand-make all the pieces. Each item is uniquely crafted, nothing is ever 3D-printed or mass-produced. I use various skills and techniques in my work, from sketching to 3d modelling to visualise the final effect, annealing, soldering, hammering, riveting and casting amongst others.

The time I spend on crafting my pieces lets me sense the state of being present and immersed in a task. My multidisciplinary design background adds both a bit of an architectural twist plus a carefully thought-out narrative to each piece I work on.

Nothing Twice Sketch