Ewa made a pair of silver earrings for my girlfriend’s birthday. I didn’t have a clue what to choose but I suggested something to do with travels (my girl loves to travel and we are going to Cuba soon!!). The earrings are a bit like a fragmented world map and look cool and my girlfriend loved the gift! Thank you Ewa!

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Mark, UK

I asked Ewa to make me a chunky ring as I love statement pieces. The process was very straightforward, we chatted via WhatsApp, exchanged a few photos and sketches and she came up with an idea for quite an organic piece that reminds me of Elephant Rocks in Western Australia. Every time I look at it now I feel so happy I can have a part of home with me when I’m in London’.

Sophie, Australia

I love small and simple things with a meaning. I have to say I’m quite serious about healthy lifestyle and organic foods. I’ve been looking for a pinkie ring but couldn’t find the right one. Nothing Twice came up with a few ideas and I now have this lovely ring with a ‘grain’. It’s minimalist and reminds me how important the little things in life are. I also like the pouch it came in, I use it all the time for my few jewellery bits when I travel. Thanks again!

Alice, London

I recently commissioned Ewa to make a small pendant for a very dear person in my life to celebrate her recovery from some serious health issues. The smile on her face said it all, she loves it! Thank you for your work and the original piece.

Emily, London

I remember spotting Ewa’s beautiful rings when we met while working on a photoshoot for a magazine in London. I made sure to keep in touch with her and when the time was right I asked if she could create something unique for me, to mark a personal milestone. It’s so moving to now have that memory to carry with me wherever I go. Ewa was patient and really took time to understand what I did, and didn’t, want. She made me feel part of the process, channelling my memories and emotions into the raw materials to create something I just love to look at and touch. She – and her work – comes very highly recommended, not least by me.

Kate, Cheshire

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