The main idea behind Silver Tailor is to freeze fragments of Your memories in solid silver form, making the non-permanent permanent, capturing the ´instant´ and giving it long physical existence in the shape of unique jewellery that is meaningful to You.

Nothing Twice Process

I will tailor your memory in four simple stages:


The first stage is for you to specify the occasion, the memory and the recipient. Is the piece for you, or someone you know? Do you have any initial ideas for the style and contents? Is there a specific event you would like to remember? The more information – words, pictures, music, sketches? etc. - you can give me, the better tailored the piece of jewellery will be.


Then it’s time for an exchange of ideas between You and me, your Silver Tailor. We can meet in person, if feasible, or we can discuss the project on the phone, via a video call or email. I will ask you a few questions and show you some references, which will help me design a couple of proposals for your piece. Every process begins with research.


Now that our direction is clear, I will be able to send you initial design proposals in hand sketch or digital form. You will choose the one you prefer and we will agree the material, timings and pricing.


I begin the process of crafting the piece. Once it is made, I will share the results with you and upon your final approval your personal ´tailored memory´ will be sent to you.