Nothing Twice and Friends

Posted On: Sep 2, 2019

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Nothing Twice’s first photoshoot was a bit of hard work till wee hours of the morning, but also a lot of fun.

Friends and friends of friends helped! Incredible and special! I can’t thank everyone enough! I am blessed to have you all in my life.

Rowan Atkinson puts it right: Friendship is…

My wonderful models Asia and Ewelina have it all: the brains and beauty, the patience and inventiveness and the sense of humour!

My forever friend and a brilliant photographer, Radek, has been supporting the project and helped quite a few times throughout this journey: working on product shots, photo sessions with the models and even some very patient video camera work.. (more about that in the future blog)

Great consultation with a marketing specialist Dawid Szypulski: bouncing ideas pre-photoshoot definitely helped as well!

We started the day at Make Up by Nat with some amazing make up from Natalia, a true pro giving us an expert hand.

In the photo studio, a friendly space run by equally friendly Piotr. The bottle of wine is a prop at this stage! I promise ;)

The best photoshoot DJ, and the most avid supporter Nothing Twice from the very beginning, Javi also looked after some minor catering, wine and photo assistance duties. He’s been the one putting smiles on our faces and wine glasses in your hands at the end of the photoshoot. Gracias!

Friends and family arrived to help and cheer on, creativity and positive vibes flying high.

All of this happened in a day: so many people gave me and Nothing Twice their time, passion and creativity. All of this is called Friendship. Thank you to you all! You are my motivation and my drive.

Links to Friends:

Make Up by Nat

Packshot Studio

Radek Kaminski Photography and Post Production

And some more special thanks to those who helped Nothing Twice both directly and indirectly:

Javi for all the support and patience, Kacper for sharing ideas and contacts, my Mum for never questioning my choices, my friend Kate for some editorial help and Karolina for continuous website support. You all have always enthusiastically supported me in my silver endeavours!

Biggest thanks to my mentor Vicky Forrester of Flux Studios in London with whom my silver journey started. Thank you Vicky for your knowledge, patience and simply being a wonderful person. Whenever I pick up a tool in my workshop, I see your smile.