The Goby Fish and the Pistol Shrimp: our creative collaboration

Posted On: Mar 26, 2020

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You never know when a chance meeting can turn into a creative collaboration and friendship, so always keep your eyes and mind open. It’s like washing hands in these Covid – 19 times, one hand needs the other – Goby needs Shrimpy. Look out for your extra hand!

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The goby fish and the pistol shrimp have a pretty cool collaboration going on that protects them both from predators. The shrimp, which can dig into the sand, builds and maintains a little home for both itself and the fish to live in; the goby fish can’t dig, but stands guard and warns the nearly-blind shrimp of oncoming predators with a flick of its tail. Both animals can then retreat into the burrow together to avoid being eaten. Who’s Goby and who’s Shrimpy in our creative collaboration? Work with us to see!

This creative collaboration moment happened to us, a jewellery and interior designer and Marianna, a fantastic freelance photographer ( We share a sense of direction and have trust and respect for each other. For this we had to shift from ‘my world’ thinking to ‘our world’ thinking and I believe we did.

The two creative species came together and have now been sharing motivation and passion for visual arts. Creatives are often a bit lonely and maybe a bit self-absorbed, selfish creatures, but in case of collaborations certain kind of sharing is in our self-interest! It encourages out of the box thinking, motivates to action and developing new projects, increases learning possibilities and exposure to audience, the more the merrier (bring on the Instagram hearts at @nothing_twice and @marijaszczuk)!

Ewa allocating jewellery to our serene models and Marianna working on the photo re-shoot.

We have now me a few times and developed a couple of smaller projects for me and Nothing Twice jewellery as well as for Marianna and her photographic portfolio. Here’s one of the projects we collaborated on, a photo re-shoot of Nothing Twice jewellery with the use of non-digital photography portfolio from Marianna. The results work well and this kind of creative recycling is something we will repeat in the future.

Check out our some new jewellery items added to the website with the stunning photos by Goby, I mean Mari!

Photography: Marianna Jaszczuk, jewellery by Nothing Twice, model: Marianna Jaszczuk.


Long live the Goby Fish and the Pistol Shrimpy!